Professional Services Schedule Consolidation PSS

As one of several professional services category initiatives, GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) is working to improve its professional services Schedule offerings.  A first step in this initiative will be to consolidate Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) services offerings into a new Professional Services Schedule (PSS).

GSA is planning to consolidate the following service schedules:

  • Consolidated (00CORP)
  • MOBIS (874)
  • PES (871)
  • FABS (520)
  • AIMS (541)
  • LOGWORLD (874V)
  • Environmental (899)
  • Language (738II)

The Consolidated (00CORP) Schedule will transition to becoming the Professional Services Schedule and the remaining Schedules listed above will be migrated into this new Professional Services Schedule.

Anticipated Timeframes

Anticipated target dates for this transition are:

 Activity                                                                                                                Complete

Begin migration to Professional Services Schedule                                             01/01/15

Existing Schedules closed for new offers                                                            02/28/15

New offers accepted under the Professional Services Schedule                         03/01/15

Transitions to the Professional Services Schedule substantially complete           11/01/15

Significance of Changes

The scope of the various Schedules frequently overlap, which can cause confusion about which MAS is the best fit for a federal agency’s requirements. Service acquisitions are increasingly complex and can require a total solution that may involve several different Schedule offerings.

The purpose of this initiative is to make contracts easier to use, increase efficiencies, eliminate separate offers for similar services and reduce administrative costs. Using multiple schedules to acquire a total solution complicates the procurement process, and often discourages Contracting Officers from using Schedules.  By having fewer schedules GSA can achieve improved performance and better serve their customer base.

SharpMinds Insights

GSA has completed the early work on the initiative, including internal planning, discussions with industry associations, and feedback from several federal agency customers and the idea of a single professional services contract “has been well received”. By implementing this solution we believe that efficiencies can be realized and that contractors offering services across multiple schedules will be able to more effectively propose on government work and manage their GSA schedules.

GSA has had previous experience in combining service contracts, including MOBIS and Training, which was implemented successfully and has provided improved efficiencies for both GSA and contractors. We expect this initiative will provide benefits and we will be tracking the expected completion dates. We recognize that the current implementation dates are estimated and will continue to monitor progress for any schedule adjustments.

Next Steps

Current Consolidated Schedule Holders (00CORP)

The initial steps include GSA working with current Consolidated Schedule holders to accomplish the following:


  • Nonprofessional service SINS on the Consolidated Schedule with no sales will be cancelled (excluding IT Schedule 70 (SIN C132-51) and HR Schedule 738X (SIN C595-21).


  • Nonprofessional service SINS with sales will be removed from the Consolidated Schedule and migrated to the appropriate Schedule.  For example, once implemented, SIN C03FAC contractors would have contracts on Schedule 03FAC.


  • The contracts migrated from the Consolidated Schedule would have a new Schedule contract with a performance period of one five-year period, and three five-year option periods.


Current Service Schedule Holders

As GSA begins to migrate the current services schedules to the newly created Professional Services Contract in 2015 SharpMinds will continue to monitor the progress of this initiative and will be providing updates as it progresses.