GSA Schedule Proposal Preparation

The fastest and most effective way to sell to today’s federal government is through a GSA Schedule, the preferred vehicle for government buyers. However, the processing of submitting a fully compliant and strategic offer can be very cumbersome, challenging, time consuming, and come with hidden associated risks. In today’s competitive government contracting environment, having experienced, sharp-minded and well respected senior GSA Schedule consultants on your side gives your company a strategic advantage when pursuing a GSA Schedule contract. SharpMinds GSA and VA Schedule experts, provides companies with the benefit of over twenty-five years of commercial and Federal experience in all facets of the of GSA and VA Schedule procurement process. SharpMinds takes a hands-on approach to every engagement with a 360° view of your business and applies the best practices of our industry to create a successful GSA Schedule contract.

We have developed a proven strategy and methodology for GSA Schedule Consulting that can lead you smoothly through all phases of the process of obtaining GSA Schedule contract that is best suited to achieve your goals. It revolves around the following core service areas:

1. Evaluate your Company’s Capabilities and Qualifications
The first step in this complex process is evaluating your organization’s capabilities and qualifications for pursuing a GSA or VA Schedule contract. Before we begin the proposal preparation process, we identify your company’s goals, capabilities, resources, sales and discounting practices– the important details about knowing you and your business.

SharpMinds expert GSA Schedule Consultants will take you through the entire evaluation process to include:

  • Assessment of your Business Objectives
  • Review of Company’s Financial Health
  • Evaluation of your Commercial and Federal Sales
  • Review of Products and Services offered
  • Competitive and Pricing Analysis

2. Formulate a Competitive Strategy
We formulate competitive strategies based on an understanding of your company’s services/products, pricing and discount practices. This knowledge will allow us to:

  • Select the most appropriate GSA Schedule to grow your business
  • Evaluate your commercial sales practices
  • Identify “Most Favored Customer” Pricing
  • Develop a sound pricing strategy to win the most favorable GSA Schedule contract
  • Mitigate any sales practice risks by identifying key disclosures

3. Prepare, Submit, and Negotiate GSA Offer
At the start of the project we will issue a task plan, which will include all corporate information, needed to complete a fully compliant offer. We will collaborate one-on-one with you through weekly meetings and set the right expectations for a timeline based on our client’s goals for submittal of a complete offer to GSA.

SharpMinds understands that the decision to obtain a GSA Schedule is just one of many corporate objectives that need to be achieved and have fine-tuned the process to know where and when a client needs to be involved.

During this phase Sharp Minds will prepare, submit and negotiate your GSA Schedule proposal offer which includes the following:

  • Advise client about key FAR and GSAR clauses.
  • Complete registration requirements (DUNS, SAMS, Vets-100, e-offer registration, digital certificates)
  • Prepare Offer and Technical and Cost Proposal
  • Establish negotiation objectives
  • Representation during negotiations
  • Negotiate “Basis of Award”
  • Preparation of the Final Proposal Revision (FPR)
  • Finalize GSA Schedule Pricelist and upload to GSA Advantage!