GSA Schedule Consulting

The quickest and easiest way for any company to accelerate their sales in the Federal Market Place is to become a General Services Administration (GSA) or Veterans Administration (VA) Schedule Contract holder. The GSA Federal Supply Schedules program is the premier acquisition vehicle in government, with approximately $50 billion a year in federal procurement spending.  The Federal Supply Schedules have been expanded to allow almost every industry the ability to sell over 5 million commercial products and professional services directly to the Federal Government.

Our proven GSA Schedule Consulting model combined with our dedicated team of GSA Schedule Consultants assists companies in their efforts to identify, obtain, and maintain the appropriate GSA Schedule contract. We apply our in-depth knowledge of GSA regulations and guidelines, coupled with an understanding of your company’s services and/or products and pricing practices to prepare and submit a fully compliant offer prepared in the most favorable and strategic manner possible. Since 1998 SharpMinds has provided superb GSA Schedule Consulting services, been at the forefront of the GSA Schedule program and has delivered unparalleled expertise to include a 100% award rate on all GSA and VA Schedule contracts for our entire client base.

In addition, our exceptional GSA Schedule proposal writers have qualified our clients in all special item number areas selected within a particular GSA Schedule. We possess over twenty years of experience working with GSA Contracting Officers in the negotiating process on behalf of clients. Once your contract has been awarded, SharpMinds provides contract administration and compliance services to help you maintain and maximize your GSA Schedule. Whether your company is trying to enter the federal government marketplace or is an established contractor, we can help you maximize your organization’s potential through our GSA Schedule Services.

Our GSA and VA Schedule Service offerings include: